peaks about photo

The inspiration for Peaks was sparked while brainstorming ideas for a meaningful handmade Christmas gift.  We want everyone to be able to share this experience, whether gifting to someone close to you or choosing something personal for yourself. Our objective is to make sure you get something beautiful and unique.

We love making things by hand using a method that combines traditional techniques with a modern touch.  Each Peaks custom topographic map is individually made to order, ensuring the highest quality of craftsmanship and the ability to customize to suit your needs. 

We are inspired by creative engineering and problem solving while creating appealing and special works of custom art.  Blending map-making, cartography, sculptural art, and custom design, our technical and artistic maps will appeal to all types, whether you are a creative mind seeking a unique centerpiece for your home or a scientific mind looking for a way to express your aesthetic side.

Started in San Francisco in 2016 and currently based in Brooklyn, New York, Peaks is an independent family run business.